Cavity Fillings

Cavities are caused by plaque sticking to your teeth and the acids in plaque dissolving the enamel over time. If left unchecked, cavities can become severe and require more serious treatment. We’ll identify any cavities during a routine dental exam using x-rays and provide fillings if necessary.

The most common filling types are:

Amalgam Fillings
Often referred to as “silver fillings”, amalgam fillings are composed of silver, tin and copper and bonded together with mercury which generally makes up 50% of the mixture. Amalgam is regarded as durable, as it’s stronger than resin-based composite fillings, and inexpensive.

Composite Fillings
Until recently, resin-composite fillings weren’t durable enough for use in molars but dentists have used composite fillings in visible cavities for years. Composed of plastic and ceramic compounds, composite fillings mimic the appearance of real teeth.

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee to fix your cavity on the first try or we'll redo it for free.

Absolutely Pain Free

We use numbing gel before Novocaine to ensure even the numbing process is pain-free!

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